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FIABCI University

FIABCI offers two international educational programs: the professional designation, FIREC, designed for active real estate practitioners and the FIABCI Diploma in International Real Estate which is offered in cooperation with FIABCI Partner Universities. Recipients of the designation and diploma are entitled to use the following: The FIABCI International Real Estate Certificate Designation, FIREC and the FIABCI Diploma, Dipl. FIABCI.

FIABCI Partner Universities participate in the program whereby their students can gain an opportunity to be involved with The International Real Estate Federation as "Student Candidates" interested in learning about opportunities in international real estate while working toward a "FIABCI-Partner University" Degree. the FIABCI designation in International Real Estate is administered by FIABCI Univeristy.

The FIABCI Designation FIREC
It is awarded to FIABCI members who have satisfied criteria based upon education, business experience, and participation in FIABCI activities. Candidates must complete a minimum of forty FIABCI academic hours, provide a written report detailing a recent business experience involving either a foreign principal or foreign property and verify attendance at a minimum of two FIABCI World or Regional Congresses.

The FIABCI University committee matches the Partner University curriculum with that of the FIABCI coverage by stressing FIABCI's course modules. Program completion requirements will vary from university/country to university/country, however, in general the diploma requires successful completion of a minimum of ten approved courses. The FIABCI course modules must be covered adequately in the university program to have a university approved. These will include, at a minimum, the following: a focus on topics such as Fundamentals of International Real Estate Markets; Building an International Network; International Real Estate Negotiations; International Real Estate Marketing; International Financing and Currencies; International Real Estate Ethics; Technology; Intelligent Buildings; International Trade Zones; International Referrals and Commission Sharing.

For more information on the FIABCI University you can visit the website of FIABCI University

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