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FIABCI is the French acronym for the International Real Estate Federation.

FIABCI was founded in Paris in 1948 and it is a worldwide network whose membership is open to all professionals involved in the property industry, enabling its members to maximize their business opportunities by sharing information and contacts on local, national and international levels. It promotes collaboration and networking amongst professionals of the sector from around the world, without becoming involved in political processes. FIABCI set as its key goal the collaboration of all bodies involved in the joint effort for healthy development of the real estate market, the continued support of its members, and their eagerness to develop an international dimension for their business.

It hosts local chapters in 48 countries, including Cyprus, which has been an active member of the Federation since 1976. The regular members of the Federation (Individuals and companies) exceed 3500, whilst members also include academic institutions and national associations representing approximately two million professionals (land developers, investors, real estate agents, appraisers, lawyers, auditors, etc), thus making FIABCI the most representative body of the real estate industry worldwide.

FIABCI enjoys widespread international recognition for its works, and is represented at the United Nations as a consultant to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). The Federation places great importance on education, aiming at the high training of those wishing to pursue a career in the industry.

The principal members of FIABCI Cyprus are the Cyprus Land & Building Developers Association, the Cyprus Real Estate Agents Association, and the Neapolis University of Paphos and the University of Nicosia as academic members. FIABCI Cyprus has developed a wealth of activities abroad, and its members are involved in many committees and boards within FIABCI. Proof of this dynamic engagement, and its recognition by the International Federation, was the organization of the World Congress of FIABCI in Cyprus in 2011.

FIABCI Cyprus invests in education, aiming at excellent training for those wishing to pursue a career in the industry. In collaboration with the Neapolis University of Paphos and the University of Nicosia, it offers the internationally recognized degree of FIABCI International Real Estate Consultant Designation (FIREC).

Through their participation in international conferences and other FIABCI events, the members of FIABCI Cyprus have the opportunity to inform their colleagues about the Cyprus problem, primarily highlighting the issue of usurpation of Greek-Cypriot properties in occupied Cyprus.

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